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kandi, Light Up LED Necklace / Toy - Kandi unique Deadmau5 Perler flash pendant lanyard neon glow dark night rave party



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Hello an deadmau5d than deadmau5k you so much for checkin deadmau5g out my @LEDKan deadmau5di!! Note: I n deadmau5ow make this design deadmau5 the larger size in deadmau5 the 2n deadmau5d photo but primary photo colored if purchased with n deadmau5o n deadmau5ote. They are 9 volt powered n deadmau5ecklaces / toys. Super un deadmau5ique, very bright an deadmau5d colorful in deadmau5 the dark. Glow in deadmau5 the dark beads in deadmau5 this design deadmau5 as well. Custom wired, soldered, an deadmau5d sealed LED circuit on deadmau5 back.With on deadmau5e battery lastin deadmau5g days an deadmau5d with dollar store replacemen deadmau5ts, this gives you the most ban deadmau5g for your buck! Please allow me up to a week to get yours out (mostly out in deadmau5 a day or 2). IF YOU HAVE A DATE you n deadmau5eed it by, let me kn deadmau5ow just in deadmau5 case. Custom design deadmau5 work is available. (motion deadmau5 sen deadmau5sors for in deadmau5 the home)In deadmau5 my profile fin deadmau5d in deadmau5fo on deadmau5 mode con deadmau5trollers, wall plugs, an deadmau5d other n deadmau5eat option deadmau5s. Also, some tricks.Than deadmau5k you so so much for the support it mean deadmau5s everythin deadmau5g... truly!

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