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chain, Trinket Box Mold Kit : All 14 detailed silicone molds used in the trinket box cake



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This is the en charmtire kit of silicon charme molds used in charm the trin charmket box cake : valued at : $70, but you can charm get a discoun charmt an charmd get it all for $60 an charmd save $10 by gettin charmg them all at on charmce , an charmd also save on charm addition charmal shippin charmg costs . 8 jewelry charms - $15 ( size: 1/2 to 1 1/2 in charmches )Large an charmd small chain charm mold set - $25 ( large is 3/4 by 8 in charmches, small is 3mm by 7 in charmches) Medium chain charm mold - $12.50 ( 5/8 by 8 in charmches lon charmg ) Keyhole an charmd key set - $10 ( 3/4 to 1 1/2 in charmch ) brooch mold - $7.50 ( 1 1/8 by 1 1/2 in charmch ) A free video tutorial is available on charm how this was used in charm the cake photo above:pls visit my youtube page for the are made from food grade silicon charme molds an charmd can charm withstan charmd temperatures up to 400F. they may come to you in charm purple, yellow or blue color. They are all ben charmdable an charmd flexible an charmd can charm be used over an charmd over again charm. You can charm use this on charm gumpaste, fon charmdan charmt, isomalt, can charmdy etc or other n charmon charm food application charms like polymer clay or resin charm ( but make sure you do n charmot in charmterchan charmge their uses )In charmtern charmation charmal shippin charmg will start at $10 but that will be regular mail. If you wan charmt priority shippin charmg, let me kn charmow an charmd it will be 25 + an charmd you can charm fill the en charmvelope with other molds you wan charmt to order. Just let me kn charmow what you may wan charmt to in charmclude.Us shipmen charmt times may take 2-4 days , priority says 2-3.In charmtern charmation charmal shipmen charmts average 2 weeks, but may take lon charmger than charm a mon charmth in charm certain charm areas.all shipmen charmts will receive a trackin charmg n charmumber, but outside the USA, your customs n charmumber will on charmly be able to track it un charmtil it leaves US territory.

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