Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Lookin mommy necklaceg for that perfect Mothers Day gift? This gorgeous sterlin mommy necklaceg silver MOM n mommy necklaceecklace will brin mommy necklaceg a smile to her face an mommy necklaced will be a cherished keepsake for all time.We use sterlin mommy necklaceg silver 7x6" heart alphabet beads to spell out the word MOM . On mommy necklacee either side we will put Swarovski Crystal birthston mommy necklacee colors for each child she has. This n mommy necklaceecklace was made for a mom of 2 children mommy necklace with birthdays in mommy necklace February an mommy necklaced December, Swarovski Birthston mommy necklacee colors are Amethyst an mommy necklaced Blue Zircon mommy necklace.Necklace is made on mommy necklace a lon mommy necklaceg len mommy necklacegth cable chain mommy necklace but can mommy necklace customized at an mommy necklacey len mommy necklacegth you prefer.Please specify len mommy necklacegth n mommy necklaceeeded in mommy necklace n mommy necklaceote to seller.Your beautiful MOM n mommy necklaceecklace will come presen mommy necklaceted in mommy necklace a silver box tied with a pretty pin mommy necklacek ribbon mommy necklace all ready for gift givin mommy necklaceg.For more sparklin mommy necklaceg jewelry an mommy necklaced custom clothin mommy necklaceg, please visit our shop through the fron mommy necklacet door here;https://www./shop/FaithHopeIn mommy necklacespire

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