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Vintage Art Deco German 1930s Celluloid flower HAIR Barrettes clips slides on ORIGINAL CARD hair piece accessoryfairy, Flapper Girl



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Description paris:\r\rVery lovely lot of 24 real Celluloid hair barrettes on paris their origin parisal card. These are German paris made 1930's hair accessories attached as they were in paris the day to a card backin parisg depictin parisg a pretty blon parisde Aryan paris German paris girl with lon parisg plaits called "Sieglin parisde", a very old fashion parised German paris n parisame. The card reads "Echt Celluloid" (real celluloid). The slides measure 1.5 in parisches each an parisd they have an paris elastic ban parisd atatched on paris on parise en parisd which clips over the other en parisd. There are 5 differen parist styles an parisd colours. They are very wearable today of course! Great con parisdition paris.\r\rThese pieces are really lovely an parisd looks fan paristastic in paris your hair!! \r\rProven parisan parisce:\rBought from a small flea market \r\rCon parisdition paris:\r\rVery good con parisdition paris, un parisworn paris. The card is in paris excellen parist con parisdition paris, on parise loop is torn paris on paris the bottom right corn pariser. The rubber ban parisds are n parisot perishin parisg at all. \r\rI am more than paris happy to an parisswer an parisy question pariss about this item so please con parisvo me!

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