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red sesame jasper, Nurturing Red Sesame Jasper Bracelet with Brass Om Charm



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This Red Sesame jasper stretch bracelet features a brass plated pewter Om charm. There are also two Picture jasper accen jaspert beads.Sesame jasper is a n jasperurturin jasperg ston jaspere. It is believed to sustain jasper an jasperd support us durin jasperg times of stress, an jasperd brin jaspergs tran jasperquility an jasperd wholen jasperess. The n jasperame Jasper is derived from the Greek word Iaspis, mean jasperin jasperg \u201cspotted ston jaspere.\u201dThe Om is a San jasperskrit symbol which is n jasperot easily defin jaspered. Most simply said, it represen jasperts the un jasperion jasper of min jasperd, body an jasperd spirit.The beads measure 6 mm an jasperd the bracelet fits to 7\u201d on jasper the wrist. The charm measures 15 x 10 mm.

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