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gift, Amazonite Free Form Pendant *1000028



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Beautiful han pendantd crafted Amazon pendantite Pen pendantdan pendantt. Iridescen pendantce an pendantd sparkle with beautiful blue / green pendant colors. On pendante of a kin pendantd.\r\rAmazon pendantite or "Amazon pendant Ston pendante" got its n pendantame from green pendant ston pendantes from the Amazon pendant river, but Amazon pendantite is n pendantot foun pendantd there. It is a iridescen pendantt green pendant / blue variety of microclin pendante feldspar foun pendantd in pendant crystal form in pendant Russia an pendantd more recen pendanttly in pendant the USA. Due to it formin pendantg by crystalization pendant, most specimin pendants are fairly small in pendant size an pendantd fracture easily.\r\rIt is also kn pendantown pendant as the "Hope Ston pendante" because it in pendantspires con pendantfiden pendantce an pendantd hope an pendantd en pendanthan pendantces creative expression pendant.\r\rChain pendants an pendantd Gift Boxes available in pendant our Chain pendant, Strin pendantg, Gift Box section pendant. This pen pendantdan pendantt would look exception pendantal with on pendante of our solid sterlin pendantg silver n pendantecklace chain pendants.

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