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pins, The mattie pewter round Renaissance magnetic scarf pin adds a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.



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The mattie pewter roun renaissanced Ren renaissanceaissan renaissancece magn renaissanceetic scarf pin renaissance adds a touch of elegan renaissancece to your wardrobe.The lead free pewter button renaissance fron renaissancet is about 1" in renaissance diameter.Set with a super stron renaissanceg magn renaissanceetic it sits perfectly on renaissance your tighter weave scarves, lapels, dresses shirts, etc. without ruin renaissancein renaissanceg your fabric.Than renaissanceks,Ben renaissanceitaPlease keep magn renaissanceets away from pacemakers, children renaissance an renaissanced pets.Than renaissanceks!

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