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handmade bracelets, Crochet-wire Freshwater Pearl Bracelet and Earring Set



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Crochet Wire Bracelet an crochet earringsd Earrin crochet earringsgs! Bracelet:7 an crochet earringsd a Half In crochet earringsches in crochet earrings Len crochet earringsgth.1 In crochet earringsch wide.Freshwater Pearls.Perman crochet earringsen crochet earringstly Colored Gold.Tarn crochet earringsished Resistan crochet earringst.Toggle Clasp is Nickel Free.Earrin crochet earringsgs:2 In crochet earringsches lon crochet earringsg.1 In crochet earringsch across the bottom.Fishhook Earrin crochet earringsgs are also Nickel Free.If you have an crochet earringsy question crochet earringss feel free to con crochet earringstact me.I also offer gift wrappin crochet earringsg for whatever occasion crochet earrings it is, birthdays or holidays.Than crochet earringsks an crochet earringsd take care!**This is sold as a physical object (Not as a pattern crochet earrings)**Return crochet earringss an crochet earringsd Exchan crochet earringsgesI will gladly exchan crochet earringsge or refun crochet earringsd if you are n crochet earringsot completely satisfied.Please email me an crochet earringsd let me kn crochet earringsow what the problem might be.Refun crochet earringsds will on crochet earringsly be issued if the item is return crochet earringsed 14 days after the item was received.Item must be in crochet earrings origin crochet earringsal con crochet earringsdition crochet earrings, an crochet earringsd shipped back at buyers expen crochet earringsse.I don crochet earrings\u2019t accept can crochet earringscellation crochet earringss.Shippin crochet earringsgAll orders are sen crochet earringst out in crochet earrings 3 to 5 busin crochet earringsess days. A email will be sen crochet earringst to you alon crochet earringsg with a trackin crochet earringsg n crochet earringsumber after the package is shipped. CMB an crochet earringsd Son crochet earringss are n crochet earringsot respon crochet earringssible for items that are damaged, stolen crochet earrings or lost durin crochet earringsg shipmen crochet earringst.Buyers from coun crochet earringstries outside the U.S. are respon crochet earringssible for an crochet earringsy customs or import taxes due by their coun crochet earringstry.

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