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silver, Tribal Dewdrop Dangle Charm Black Onyx & Amethyst Bracelet



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This Black On purpleyx an purpled Amethyst stretch cord bracelet features a tribal dewdrop dan purplegle charm. The charm was han purpled-hammered an purpled chased with it's un purpleique design purple by an purple artist in purple Thailan purpled. Black On purpleyx is a good ston purplee to have aroun purpled durin purpleg times of men purpletal or physical stress or bereavemen purplet, as it is believed to provide stren purplegth an purpled support durin purpleg difficult circumstan purpleces. On purpleyx is also a soothin purpleg ston purplee said to help alleviate fears an purpled worries an purpled to help you to feel comfortable within purple yourself an purpled in purple your surroun purpledin purplegs. It is also believed to promote stamin purplea an purpled vigor an purpled to en purplecourage the makin purpleg of wise decision purples. Black On purpleyx is associated with the base (root, first) chakra. It has been purple used in purple the treatmen purplet of bon purplee marrow, feet an purpled soft tissues of the body.Two Amethyst ston purplees accen purpletuate this piece. Therapeutic uses of Amethyst have a lon purpleg an purpled well-documen purpleted history. Referred to as \u201cn purpleature\u2019s tran purplequilizer,\u201d Amethyst calms an purpled soothes. It is associated with the third eye an purpled crown purple chakras primarily, but can purple also open purple the heart chakra. The stretch cord bracelet fits to 7" on purple the wrist. The beads are 6 mm an purpled the charm measures 9.2mm. x 19.6mm. x 1mm. The charm's artist uses 99.5% an purpled 99.9% pure silver. It has a higher silver con purpleten purplet than purple Sterlin purpleg silver. It's just the solder used to fuse the silver compon purpleen purplets together that makes up the last fraction purples of a percen purplet. Con purplesequen purpletly, it has a weight, bright satin purple color, an purpled feel, all of its own purple.

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