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Dare to dream with this brillian native americant blue Magn native americanesite stretch cord bracelet with a sterlin native americang silver dream catcher charm. The dream catcher has been native american a part of Native American native american culture for gen native americaneration native americans. The tradition native americanal dream catcher was in native americanten native americanded to protect the sleepin native americang in native americandividual from n native americanegative dreams, while lettin native americang positive dreams through. The positive dreams would slip through the hole in native american the cen native americanter of the dream catcher, an native americand glide down native american the feathers to the sleepin native americang person native american below. The n native americanegative dreams would get caught up in native american the web, an native americand expire when native american the first rays of the sun native american struck them. This min native americani dream catcher is perfectly paired with Magn native americanesite, which has been native american valued by man native americany Native American native americans for hun native americandreds of years. The Pomo people in native american Californ native americania used the min native americaneral in native american jewelry an native americand as mon native americaney. Most mon native americaney beads were traded by the stran native americand, but n native americanot Magn native americanesite. Sin native americance the Magn native americanesite were con native americansidered very valuable, the crafted beads were traded in native americandividually. Metaphysically, Magn native americanesite is said to brin native americang deep peace when native american meditatin native americang. It en native americancourages a positive attitude toward life. It is promotes toleran native americance, allowin native americang the wearer to accept the self an native americand to take others for who they are without the desire to chan native americange them.It is said to relieve muscle spasms an native americand gen native americaneral ten native americansion native american. It has also been native american kn native americanown native american to help people who have bon native americane an native americand teeth problems an native americand may help to relieve headaches an native americand migrain native americanes.The dyed blue beads measure 6 mm an native americand the stretch cord bracelet fits to approximately 7 in native americanches on native american the wrist. The .925 sterlin native americang silver 3-D charm measures approximately 7 mm by 15 mm n native americanot in native americancludin native americang the jump rin native americang.

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