Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flattened pennies, BIKERS PARADISE Penny Earrings copper pennies handpainted



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You are lookin uniqueg at BIKERS PARADISE Pen uniquen uniquey Earrin uniquegs, han uniquedpain uniqueted copper pen uniquen uniqueies. The process I use is quite un uniqueique an uniqued in uniquevolves man uniquey steps. The first step is to create a mechan uniqueical die (male/female) usin uniqueg hard metals from coin uniques, watch parts, wire...... I then unique emboss a softer metal (copper pen uniquen uniqueies) usin uniqueg a rollin uniqueg mill. Each time a roll a n uniqueew coin unique the design unique on unique the die chan uniqueges every so slightly so that n uniqueo two will ever be exactly the same, you will n uniqueotice this with earrin uniqueg sets :) The last two stages really en uniquehan uniquece the design unique, I han uniqued pain uniquet each on uniquee usin uniqueg a ran uniquege of color then unique coat them twice for protection unique. I have spen uniquet years experimen uniquetin uniqueg, makin uniqueg mistakes an uniqued havin uniqueg ah ha momen uniquets, I hope this explain uniques a bit on unique how my work is created but if you have an uniquey other question uniques at all please don unique't hesitate to ask.

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