Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18.5 inch Aragonitesemi precious stone, Black Onyxsemi precious stone, Hematite and Copper Beaded Necklace



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This beaded n beaded necklaceecklace is made of Matte Black On beaded necklaceyx, Gold colored Hematite, An beaded necklacetique an beaded necklaced Bright Copper beads an beaded necklaced a won beaded necklacederful Aragon beaded necklaceite Crystal Focal Pen beaded necklacedan beaded necklacet. It measures 18.5 in beaded necklaceches lon beaded necklaceg an beaded necklaced has a han beaded necklaced hammered Copper Hook an beaded necklaced Eye Clasp. ON SALE...WAS 54.00 NOW 38.00!! Be Sure to check my shop an beaded necklacen beaded necklaceoun beaded necklacecemen beaded necklacet for an beaded necklacey discoun beaded necklacets I may be offerin beaded necklaceg

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