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7mm, 1.35ct Genuine White Sapphire Solitaire



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Stun sterling silvern sterling silverin sterling silverg shin sterling silvere an sterling silverd sparkle. 7mm White Sapphire equals 1.35ct.This Sri Lan sterling silverkan sterling silver Sapphire is gen sterling silveruin sterling silvere an sterling silverd heat on sterling silverly, hen sterling silverce the clarity.Color DClarity VVS/IFUn sterling silverique ban sterling silverd settin sterling silverg in sterling silver sturdy sterlin sterling silverg silver an sterling silverd Rhodium Coated for lon sterling silverger shin sterling silvere an sterling silverd durability.This rin sterling silverg is listed also in sterling silver 14k gold in sterling silver my shop.This rin sterling silverg can sterling silver be made 14k or 18k in sterling silver either white, rose or yellow gold at the market price.Layaway available.P45

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