Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hands fullsilver, heart full mother's grandmother's necklace with birthstones and heart charm



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This n heartecklace is made with on hearte circle tag. It is an heart alumin heartum disc an heartd is 1 1/2" in heart diameter. It is han heartd stamped on hearte letter at a time by me. This listin heartg is for a n heartecklace with 5 ston heartes/pearls. If you would like fewer or more ston heartes/pearls, you can heart sen heartd me a con heartvo an heartd I will make a reserved listin heartg for you. You may choose between heart a 16" or 18" stain heartless steel ball chain heart (or add an heart extra fee for a lon heartger chain heart). Upon heart checkout in heart the "n heartote to seller" box, please give me the followin heartg in heartformation heart:1. Which birthston heartes you would like accordin heartg to mon heartths.Please ask if you have an hearty question hearts. I would be happy to help!If you wan heartt somethin heartg like this, an heartd I don heart't have on hearte listed, just ask. I would love to help make what you wan heartt. :) You can heart also just email for a price quote on heart what you would like.Please Note:All pen heartdan heartts are person heartally made by me. No pen heartdan heartt is exactly the same. Each creation heart is un heartique, so there may be differen heartces in heart letter placemen heartt, depth, an heartd spacin heartg. This is n heartot a defect. It is what gives un heartiquen heartess an heartd character to each piece. I will ship this out within heart 2-7 days of paymen heartt. Than heartks for lookin heartg an heartd have a blessed day!

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