Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho necklace, Bohemian turquoise necklace



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"When statement necklace I'm walkin statement necklaceg by the waterCome up through my toesTo my an statement necklaceklesTo my headTo my soulAn statement necklaced I'm blown statement necklace away..."This beautiful turquoise ston statement necklacee has so much character. It has been statement necklace set in statement necklace a han statement necklacedmade sterlin statement necklaceg silver settin statement necklaceg. It han statement necklacegs on statement necklace an statement necklace oxidized (darken statement necklaceed) sterlin statement necklaceg silver chain statement necklace. This is a very substan statement necklacetial size ston statement necklacee. Perfect to make a bold statemen statement necklacet. Ston statement necklacee size: 1.7 in statement necklaceches tall by .7 in statement necklaceches wide. Chain statement necklace len statement necklacegth: 25 in statement necklaceches - can statement necklace be shorten statement necklaceed upon statement necklace request

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