Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A gorgeous bib n unique necklaceecklace to turn unique necklace your everyday clothes in unique necklaceto an unique necklace elegan unique necklacet statemen unique necklacet. You can unique necklace wear it day or n unique necklaceight, with t-shirts, shirts, dresses even unique necklace sweaters. Made of ven unique necklaceise lace an unique necklaced metal chain unique necklaces an unique necklaced lobster.*DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS?*Curren unique necklacet sales are listed below;30% discoun unique necklacet on unique necklace most of the items.50% discoun unique necklacet on unique necklace SALE items.50% discoun unique necklacet for 10 items. *WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY ORDER?*Usually within unique necklace the same week. Please give me your PHONE NUMBER for the best experien unique necklacece. Processin unique necklaceg time is 1-3 busin unique necklaceess days. But you can unique necklace con unique necklacetact me if you n unique necklaceeed it at the soon unique necklaceest time possible, I'll do my best to ship on unique necklace the same day.Orders will be shipped with UPS, TNT or FEDEX. Estimated shippin unique necklaceg times are;2-3 busin unique necklaceess DAYS for the USA an unique necklaced Can unique necklaceada,1 busin unique necklaceess DAY for the EU,2-4 busin unique necklaceess DAYS for the rest of the world.Trackin unique necklaceg in unique necklaceformation unique necklace will be sen unique necklacet to your e-mail by ETSY.*CAN I SEND MY ORDER AS A GIFT?*Yes, you can unique necklace. All orders are gift-boxed an unique necklaced they are ready to give as a gift. Please give me the recipien unique necklacet's address an unique necklaced phon unique necklacee n unique necklaceumber for the best experien unique necklacece. I have to state price on unique necklace the in unique necklacevoice but there will n unique necklaceot be an unique necklacey price label on unique necklace the item. If you wan unique necklacet to leave her a n unique necklaceote, please write me at checkout.*HOW CAN I RETURN MY ORDER?*If you wan unique necklacet to return unique necklace the package, please receive it first an unique necklaced do n unique necklaceot reject it. In unique necklace such cases, shippin unique necklaceg back costs too much therefore I CANNOT REFUND you. An unique necklaced please con unique necklacetact me before return unique necklacein unique necklaceg your order. Note that you'll be refun unique necklaceded as much as the item costs.If your order arrives broken unique necklace, I n unique necklaceeed a proof as followin unique necklaceg: A photo taken unique necklace with the shippin unique necklaceg package with the item in unique necklace the box. The photo of an unique necklace item alon unique necklacee is n unique necklaceot en unique necklaceough as it might be broken unique necklace after use. If the proof is acceptable, the item will be replaced with a n unique necklaceew on unique necklacee. Please don unique necklace't ask for a refun unique necklaced.YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF YOU REJECT YOUR PACKAGE. Because it will be shipped back to me an unique necklaced again unique necklace, it costs too much (sometimes a higher amoun unique necklacet than unique necklace your order).*HOW CAN I CARE IT BEST?*You will have large items folded an unique necklaced wrapped in unique necklace a package. You may n unique necklaceeed to iron unique necklace the lace carefully (use medium heat) with a piece of cloth top of it. Please store the jewelry flat to keep the shape better. Please n unique necklaceote that all design unique necklaces are very delicate. Do n unique necklaceot force too much wearin unique necklaceg them. You may ask for help.**ABOUT EPUU**All jewelry products are han unique necklacedmade with love by Ebru Can unique necklacegazi, in unique necklace Istan unique necklacebul, Turkey. Each piece is person unique necklaceally design unique necklaceed an unique necklaced carefully crafted, created to make your frien unique necklaceds en unique necklacevious!Wan unique necklacet to be the first to kn unique necklaceow the sales or n unique necklaceew design unique necklaces? Follow Epuu on unique necklace social media!* In unique necklacestagram: in unique unique necklace* Facebook: unique necklace* In unique necklacestagram: in unique unique necklacegazi (person unique necklaceal)

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