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18K Gold Colombian cabochon emeralds Emerald & Diamon cabochon emeraldsd Earrin cabochon emeraldsgs2 Natural Colombian cabochon emeralds Emerald Cut Emeralds / Size ~ 0.82 Carats Color ~ Deep Green cabochon emeralds / Clarity ~ Type 3 4 Roun cabochon emeraldsd Diamon cabochon emeraldsds / Size ~ .09 CaratsColor ~ G.H / Clarity ~ SI1-2Metal ~ 18K Yellow Solid Gold / Weight ~ 2.33 GramsBeautiful ~ Pierced Ears ~ Very Comfortable to WearMeasuremen cabochon emeraldstsRise above Ear/ Thickn cabochon emeraldsess ~ 3.20 mm (0.1260 in cabochon emeraldsches)Widest Section cabochon emeralds ~ 4.48 mm (0.1765 In cabochon emeraldsches)North to South ~ 10.50 mm (0.4137 in cabochon emeraldsches) Post Len cabochon emeraldsgth of Earrin cabochon emeraldsgs ~ 10.11 mm (0.3983 In cabochon emeraldsches) Estimated Retail Replacemen cabochon emeraldst Value $2,125.00All Jewelry Purchased is Certified by a GIA GemologistEmeralds....on cabochon emeraldse of the extraordin cabochon emeraldsary an cabochon emeraldsd most beautiful gemston cabochon emeraldses foun cabochon emeraldsd in cabochon emeralds n cabochon emeraldsature!{We Can cabochon emeralds Offer You A Lay-A-Way Plan cabochon emeralds. Please In cabochon emeraldsquire}PayPal has a program called "Bill me later". Up to 6 mon cabochon emeraldsths in cabochon emeraldsterest FREE, an cabochon emeraldsd you will receive the item immediately. Please con cabochon emeraldstact PayPal for details.Feel free to Email an cabochon emeraldsy question cabochon emeraldss you may haveCharacteristics of EmeraldsGeologically speakin cabochon emeraldsg, Colombian cabochon emeralds emeralds are said to be the purest emeralds in cabochon emeralds the world because Colombian cabochon emeralds emerald deposits are the on cabochon emeraldsly on cabochon emeraldses on cabochon emeralds earth foun cabochon emeraldsd in cabochon emeralds sedimen cabochon emeraldstary host rock rather than cabochon emeralds in cabochon emeralds Ign cabochon emeraldseous rock. The tecton cabochon emeraldsic movemen cabochon emeraldsts that created the An cabochon emeraldsdes Moun cabochon emeraldstain cabochon emeraldss force the raw materials of emeralds\u2014beryllium, chromium, an cabochon emeraldsd van cabochon emeraldsadium\u2014foun cabochon emeraldsd in cabochon emeralds the groun cabochon emeraldsd in cabochon emeraldsto liquid an cabochon emeraldsd gaseous states. These materials, in cabochon emeralds such states, fin cabochon emeraldsd their way in cabochon emeraldsto cracks in cabochon emeralds the already sedimen cabochon emeraldstary medium surroun cabochon emeraldsdin cabochon emeraldsg them an cabochon emeraldsd then cabochon emeralds even cabochon emeraldstually cool an cabochon emeraldsd crystallize. A salin cabochon emeraldse solution cabochon emeralds foun cabochon emeraldsd in cabochon emeralds the sedimen cabochon emeraldstary rock even cabochon emeraldstually washes out impurities such as iron cabochon emeralds that cloud other beryls from formin cabochon emeraldsg on cabochon emeraldsto the crystallizin cabochon emeraldsg ston cabochon emeraldse. This in cabochon emeraldstricate process produces the emeralds foun cabochon emeraldsd in cabochon emeralds the min cabochon emeraldses of Colombia.Fin cabochon emeraldse emeralds are con cabochon emeraldssidered rare an cabochon emeraldsd are on cabochon emeraldsly foun cabochon emeraldsd in cabochon emeralds the deepest min cabochon emeraldses of Colombia Shippin cabochon emeraldsg an cabochon emeraldsd Han cabochon emeraldsdlin cabochon emeraldsgShippin cabochon emeraldsg to: Worldwide ~ Free Shippin cabochon emeraldsg within cabochon emeralds the Un cabochon emeraldsited StatesFree UPS Next Day Air with In cabochon emeraldssuran cabochon emeraldsce. Exception cabochon emeralds: We will ship USPS Register Mail Return cabochon emeralds Receipt In cabochon emeraldssured. We will ship to the address you have registered with PayPal. To avoid an cabochon emeraldsy in cabochon emeraldscon cabochon emeraldsven cabochon emeraldsien cabochon emeraldsce, we recommen cabochon emeraldsd addin cabochon emeraldsg a work or an cabochon emeralds altern cabochon emeraldsate address. We will provide trackin cabochon emeraldsg in cabochon emeraldsformation cabochon emeralds as soon cabochon emeralds as the paymen cabochon emeraldst clears PayPal.In cabochon emeraldstern cabochon emeraldsation cabochon emeraldsal Buyers are respon cabochon emeraldssible for Customs/Tariff FeesReturn cabochon emeralds Policy Refun cabochon emeraldsd will be givin cabochon emeraldsg as Mon cabochon emeraldsey back ~ We will accept return cabochon emeraldss with in cabochon emeralds 30 days providin cabochon emeraldsg they have n cabochon emeraldsot been cabochon emeralds altered, sized or damaged ~ Please in cabochon emeraldssure for full purchase price ~ Buyer pays return cabochon emeralds shippin cabochon emeraldsg. we do n cabochon emeraldsot accept C.O.D. ~ Please make sure to package items carefullyTHE QUEEN OF THE GEMS An cabochon emeralds emerald is actually a beryllium ston cabochon emeraldse that owes its special color to beryllium, chromium, an cabochon emeraldsd van cabochon emeraldsadium, all of which are chemical elemen cabochon emeraldsts that are very scarce, an cabochon emeraldsd the reason cabochon emeralds for the color of an cabochon emeralds emerald. Colombian cabochon emeralds emeralds are much sought after, an cabochon emeraldsd n cabochon emeraldsot just because of their superb quality an cabochon emeraldsd color. A gem's value depen cabochon emeraldsds upon cabochon emeralds its size, purity, color an cabochon emeraldsd brillian cabochon emeraldsce. Even cabochon emeralds when cabochon emeralds they are min cabochon emeraldsed in cabochon emeralds the same area, each in cabochon emeraldsdividual emerald has its own cabochon emeralds un cabochon emeraldsique look that sets it apart from the rest. Dark green cabochon emeralds is con cabochon emeraldssidered to be the most beautiful, scarce, an cabochon emeraldsd valuable color for emeralds. But,...often cabochon emeralds beautiful emeralds that are lighter in cabochon emeralds color with good clarity an cabochon emeraldsd life make the most exquisite jewelry! We Welcome your Question cabochon emeraldss an cabochon emeraldsd Commen cabochon emeraldsts Than cabochon emeraldsk You! 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