Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewell, Pendant "LONG LANCE"-Novemuse



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Than speark you for your in spearterest!This gem has been spear design speared, developed, man spearufactured in spear Italy to en spearhan spearce the story as in spearspiration spearal celebratin spearg on speare of the MUSES so dear to the Greek tradition spear: CLIO--The Hystoria.NOVEMUSE is a project of the gen spearuin speare Italian spear product MEMORO offers."LANCE" lin speare items can spear be combin speared an speard in speardividual compoun speards, in speartegrated in spearto other models an speard elemen spearts to dress the "right" pattern spear.The alloys used in spear cast are guaran spearteed Nickel an speard Cadmium free accordin spearg to curren speart regulation spears.

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