Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

22k, 18K Solid Gold~ "Ribbon" Earrings with little white diamond~ 1"



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Simple, sturdy little 18K loops that stay on rose cut diamond your earlobes, with a little rose cut white diamon rose cut diamondd for some sparkle, These are han rose cut diamonddmade, an rose cut diamondd Perfect for every day wear, they won rose cut diamond't come out!Feel free to ask question rose cut diamonds!Than rose cut diamondks for shoppin rose cut diamondg, I hope you foun rose cut diamondd somethin rose cut diamondg that makes your heart sin rose cut diamondg!EVERY PIECE OF JEWELRY IS A LIMITED EDITION OR A ONE-OF-A-KIND.RACHEL ROSE JEWELRY HAS BEEN WORN BY MANY TELEVISION ACTRESSES CELEBRITIES SUCH AS: REBA MC ENTIRE, ELISHA CUTHBURT, JOANNA GARCIA, CAROLINE MURPHY, AND MANY, MANY MORE.

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