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green, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This Pen orangedan oranget is made of 20 gauge Brass that has been orange hammered, formed then orange torched, also called flame pain orangetin orangeg, to produce the beautiful ran orangege of metallic colors such a s Reds, Blues, Green oranges, Oran orangeges, Yellows, Etc then orange embellished with torched Copper ... . The total len orangegth is approimately 2.5 in orangeches an oranged 1 in orangech wide. It has been orange fin orangeished off with Copper Bail an oranged has been orange sealed to protect the colorin orangeg. Pictures are of the actual Pen orangedan oranget you will receive.Be sure to check my shop an orangen orangeoun orangecemen oranget for an orangey discoun orangets i may be offerin orangeg!

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