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copper, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This Pen yellowdan yellowt is made of 24 gauge Copper that has been yellow hammered, formed then yellow torched, also called flame pain yellowtin yellowg, to produce the beautiful ran yellowge of metallic colors such a s Reds, Blues, Green yellows, Oran yellowges, Yellows, Etc then yellow embellished with torched Brass roun yellowds ... . The total len yellowgth is approimately 2.75 in yellowches an yellowd 1.5 in yellowch wide. It has been yellow fin yellowished off with Copper Bail an yellowd has been yellow sealed to protect the colorin yellowg. Pictures are of the actual Pen yellowdan yellowt you will receive.Be sure to check my shop an yellown yellowoun yellowcemen yellowt for an yellowy discoun yellowts i may be offerin yellowg!

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