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jewelry, Sterling Silver Bracelet Bangle Moon Cut Beads 3mm Wide by 7 Inches Long



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Sterlin simple braceletg Silver Bracelet Ban simple braceletgle Moon simple bracelet Cut Beads 3mm Wide by 7 In simple braceletches Lon simple braceletgMoon simple bracelet cut Gold beads cascade completely aroun simple braceletd the len simple braceletgth of the bracelet with a lobster clasp for a secure fittin simple braceletg an simple braceletd comfort.welcome to my etsy shop idiamon simple braceletdn simple bracelety!!Details--------------Metal: Sterlin simple braceletg SilverWeight: total: 4 gramsdimen simple braceletsion simple bracelet : 7 in simple braceletches thickn simple braceletess 3 mmfits wrist 6.5 to 7 in simple braceletches Tag us in simple bracelet your in simple braceletstagram pics wearin simple braceletg your purchase for discoun simple bracelett for your n simple braceletext purchase!in simple braceletstagram id : idiamon simple braceletdNY*I person simple braceletally wrap your piece in simple bracelet a n simple braceletice gift bag or box, depen simple braceletdin simple braceletg on simple bracelet items. If you have special n simple braceleteeds, please clarify. I am willin simple braceletg to help you fin simple braceletd your own simple bracelet beauty.WE WILL SHIP OUT YOUR ORDER WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT HAS CLEAREDI have provided origin simple braceletal photographs of item for your review.Please use these photo as a precise visual description simple bracelet of the item.Commun simple braceletication simple bracelet is the key to successful tran simple braceletsaction simple bracelets so please feel free an simple braceletd con simple bracelettact us with an simple bracelety question simple bracelets or con simple braceletcern simple bracelets.than simple braceletk youitem# idn simple braceletyb16

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