Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

distressed, Talismanic Collar Necklace



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A Neck piece that feels like an gypsy en gypsyergetic shield. Made of distressed, repurposed chamois..w dark brown gypsy lacin gypsyg aroun gypsyd n gypsyeck..With a roun gypsyd buffalo hide shield w 2 African gypsy cowrie shells an gypsyd an gypsyother roun gypsyd white shell in gypsy cen gypsyter..There is a silver jin gypsygle con gypsye w cruelty free chicken gypsy feathers han gypsygin gypsyg down gypsy cen gypsyter 9" wide. 7" lon gypsyg in gypsy cen gypsyter. There is discoloration gypsy on gypsy the is mean gypsyt to be like that to create a worn gypsy, loved feel..made with amor.

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