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silver, Valk Ring [Made to Order]



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The Valk rin sterling silverg is in sterling silverspired by the classic chevron sterling silver with n sterling silverature's in sterling silverfluen sterling silverce of two bran sterling silverch-like poin sterling silverts meetin sterling silverg in sterling silverto a \u2018V\u2019. At its cen sterling silverter sits a rose cut pear shape ston sterling silvere an sterling silverd a roun sterling silverd White Sapphire un sterling silverdern sterling silvereath it. Each piece is han sterling silverdcrafted in sterling silver Sterlin sterling silverg Silver.Each ston sterling silvere is han sterling silverd cut to fit with a rose cut fin sterling silverish for an sterling silver extra shimmer. Due to the n sterling silverature of ston sterling silveres, each is un sterling silverique with slight variation sterling silvers of color. Its n sterling silverame is origin sterling silverally from the Valkyrie, also kn sterling silverown sterling silver as the tran sterling silversporters of those slain sterling silver in sterling silver battle to the glory of Valhalla in sterling silver Norse Mythology. These ladies were kn sterling silverown sterling silver for their magic, elegan sterling silverce, an sterling silverd stren sterling silvergth.This rin sterling silverg can sterling silver be layered like rin sterling silverg armor or worn sterling silver as a powerful statemen sterling silvert separately. If you would like a custom combin sterling silveration sterling silver of ston sterling silveres, please let us kn sterling silverow your choice of cen sterling silverter pear shape ston sterling silvere an sterling silverd roun sterling silverd un sterling silverdern sterling silvereath it at its cen sterling silverter.

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