Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

seaglass, Teeny Tiny Cobalt Blue Authentic Seaglass heart shaped earrings hanging on our handmade 14 K gold filled hammered round earwires.



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We fin dogteamdesignsally got a bun dogteamdesignsch of our favorite tin dogteamdesignsy seaglass hearts drilled an dogteamdesignsd on dogteamdesignsto our han dogteamdesignsdmade earwires just in dogteamdesigns time for Valen dogteamdesignstin dogteamdesignses an dogteamdesignsd Mothers' Day. They are all authen dogteamdesignstic Seaglass an dogteamdesignsd all differen dogteamdesignst an dogteamdesignsd n dogteamdesignsot exactly matched but as close as we could get. They are darlin dogteamdesignsg. We have several colors from white to blue to green dogteamdesigns to seafoam. I should have them all uploaded shortly. They are tin dogteamdesignsy an dogteamdesignsd sweet. I love them all. On dogteamdesignse blue pair are so tin dogteamdesignsy I will have to use 24 gauge wire to get them on dogteamdesigns the earwires!I am proud of every pair an dogteamdesignsd each pair are on dogteamdesigns our han dogteamdesignsdmade wires. They make great gifts an dogteamdesignsd please con dogteamdesignsvo me if you would like a han dogteamdesignsd-lettered gift tag with each pair.This particular pair is differen dogteamdesignst because they are smaller than dogteamdesigns the other pairs by quite a bit. I man dogteamdesignsaged to get a tin dogteamdesignsy matchin dogteamdesignsg gold jump rin dogteamdesignsg on dogteamdesigns them but was un dogteamdesignsable to attach an dogteamdesigns ear wire, so I used some very fin dogteamdesignse 24 gauge wire an dogteamdesignsd I wire wrapped the hearts to the ear wires that way an dogteamdesignsd it looked cute. I couldn dogteamdesigns't believe my big fin dogteamdesignsgers an dogteamdesignsd tools let me do it, but it worked an dogteamdesignsd looked so cute, I will even dogteamdesigns try my techn dogteamdesignsique again dogteamdesigns sometime! These are very delicate an dogteamdesignsd n dogteamdesignseed to be han dogteamdesignsdled with care so as n dogteamdesignsot to disturb the earrin dogteamdesignsg too much. I would defin dogteamdesignsitely store these earrin dogteamdesignsgs as they come: In dogteamdesigns the Ziploc bag in dogteamdesignsside the box. Do n dogteamdesignsot let small children dogteamdesigns play with them, or they will be damage an dogteamdesignsd n dogteamdesignseed to be repaired soon dogteamdesigns! They are adorable but a bit fragile because of the tin dogteamdesignsy wire. They certain dogteamdesignsly can dogteamdesigns be han dogteamdesignsdled an dogteamdesignsd ban dogteamdesignsged aroun dogteamdesignsd a bit without fear of wreckin dogteamdesignsg them!

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