Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver plated, Vintage Pendant 1 loop sterling plated Rose Rhinestone 32mm Pack of 2 CRAFT Colour Options



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Pack of 2 Vin vintagetage Pen vintagedan vintagets 1 loop set in vintage sterlin vintageg plate 32mmOffered for sale in vintage a pack of 2 pen vintagedan vintagets these stun vintagen vintagein vintageg an vintaged rare pen vintagedan vintaget are en vintagecrusted with Austrian vintage rhin vintageeston vintagees in vintage a vibran vintaget shade of Rose. They are in vintage a sterlin vintageg plated settin vintaged vin vintagetage C' 1980.They are beautiful classic an vintaged perfect for an vintagey occasion vintage.Please visit my Etsy shop where I have a large variety of craft items an vintaged costume jewellerywww./uk/your/shops/Prettyvin vintagetagebeads/tools/Prettyvin vintagetagebeads

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