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labradorit, NEW Chain Lina ground labradorite



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Delivery time: 6 - 9 daysOn labradorit the delicate lin labradoritk chain labradorit (45 cm) in labradorit **gold-plated sterlin labradoritg silver** han labradoritgs a **Labradorit** with a beautiful faceted cut. The gold-plated frame makes the ston labradorite a great eye-catcher.The labradorite is a n labradoritatural ston labradorite, so each ston labradorite is n labradoritaturally a little differen labradoritt.In labradorit the shop you will fin labradoritd more jewels made of labradorite.**MATERIAL:**Ston labradorite: LabradoriteChain labradorit: gold plated sterlin labradoritg silver**SIZE:**Ston labradorite: 23 x 8 mmChain labradorit: 45 cmPursuan labradoritt to Section labradorit 19 of the UStG, we do n labradoritot charge VAT an labradoritd therefore do n labradoritot show it (small busin labradoritess status).

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