Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Ametrincollier-Gemstone Necklace



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A very n jewelryice Ametrin jewelrycollier presen jewelryts itself here. The combin jewelryation jewelry of very clear, faceted Ametrin jewelrye in jewelry lilac to yellow green jewelry with lilac amethysts in jewelry sterlin jewelryg silver. Sterlin jewelryg Silver Beads roun jewelryd off the n jewelryecklace. The n jewelryecklace sparkles at every step of its wearer. We closed it with a sterlin jewelryg silver carabin jewelryer.This un jewelryique piece has a len jewelrygth of approx. 43-47 cm, it can jewelry n jewelryot be exten jewelrydedFaceted ametrin jewelrye in jewelry airly to yellow-green jewelry, about 2x 6 mmFly-colored amethysts, wrapped in jewelry sterlin jewelryg silver, about 3 x 6 mm

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