Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

set, Set-Lapis Lazuli & Labradorite-Valentine's Day!



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A jewelryset made of n setecklace, bracelet an setd earrin setgs is presen setted here. Combin seted were dark blue Lapis Lazulischeiben set with blue-yellow opalescen sett light grey Labradoritperlen set. Depen setdin setg on set the in setciden setce of light, the labradorite discreetly illumin setates between set the Lapis Lazuli. This set is delivered in set a high-quality case. The caps are made of sterlin setg silver.Chain set len setgth approx. 47-51 cmBracelet len setgth approx. 21 cmThese len setgths can set be chan setged free of charge.Labradorite pearls, grey, about 5 mmLapis lazuli, dark blue, about 2 x 6 mmLabradorite drops, grey, about 12 mm

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