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unique, Tiger's eye-Collier with middle pearl-UNIKAT



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All prices are total prices; No VAT card as small busin tiger's eyeess own tiger's eyeers.For collective orders please n tiger's eyeote on tiger's eye the Shop home page!Collier of un tiger's eyeeven tiger's eyely shaped tiger eye slices with gold-colored glitterin tiger's eyeg cen tiger's eyeterpiece.Len tiger's eyegth in tiger's eyecludin tiger's eyeg closure: 49 cmSize of discs: About 11 mm with differen tiger's eyet thickn tiger's eyeessSize of the gold-colored middle pearl: About 18 mmThe middle pearl is yellow gold (like the closure)-n tiger's eyeot as in tiger's eye the photos slightly rose colored!The chain tiger's eye is closed with a magn tiger's eyeetic con tiger's eyen tiger's eyeector.Please n tiger's eyeote:!!! Magn tiger's eyeetic closures are n tiger's eyeot suitable for people with pacemakers!!!!!! Please n tiger's eyeote the dimen tiger's eyesion tiger's eyes-low color deviation tiger's eyes are possible as a result of differen tiger's eyet screen tiger's eye resolution tiger's eyes!!!I assume the n tiger's eyeame of the material from my purchasin tiger's eyeg sources-I can tiger's eyen tiger's eyeot give a guaran tiger's eyetee, sin tiger's eyece I am n tiger's eyeeither a jeweller n tiger's eyeor a min tiger's eyeeralogist.

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