Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925 silver, Citrincollier with pearls very noble!



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From faceted yellow citrin pear necklacees an pear necklaced white cultured pearls, this n pear necklaceoble n pear necklaceecklace is in pear necklace bicolour. In pear necklace the middle, a beautiful citrin pear necklacee pen pear necklacedan pear necklacet in pear necklace silver an pear necklaced silver gilt was used. The citrin pear necklacee cabochon pear necklace is clear an pear necklaced set in pear necklace 925 silver an pear necklaced the lower part is gilded. Silver-plated stain pear necklaceless steel slices support the sparkle of the citrin pear necklacee. This n pear necklaceecklace fits very well with a n pear necklaceoble outfit.It is closed with a jewelry carabin pear necklaceer made of sterlin pear necklaceg silver.Len pear necklacegth about 48cmThe n pear necklaceecklace comes in pear necklace a high-quality jewelry case.

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