Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pearl jewellery, Beach feeling - Driftwood - Keshi beads - unique



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A very in pearl jewelleryterestin pearl jewelleryg un pearl jewelleryique piece from the driftwood jewelry series by Dream-Colliers presen pearl jewelleryts itself here. Driftwood from the Mediterran pearl jewelleryean pearl jewellery, flat white crawfish pearls an pearl jewelleryd sterlin pearl jewelleryg silver were combin pearl jewelleryed. This pen pearl jewellerydan pearl jewelleryt is n pearl jewelleryot firmly attached to the choker, this is closed with a simple silver-plated sn pearl jewelleryap closure. The len pearl jewellerygths 45 an pearl jewelleryd 50 cm. Please specify the size in pearl jewellery the checkout, otherwise the rin pearl jewelleryg will be delivered in pearl jewellery 45 cm. Desired len pearl jewellerygths are of course possible, please in pearl jewelleryquire here.

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