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onyx, Elegant Onyx-Collier-UNIKAT



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All prices are total prices; No VAT card as small busin onyxess own onyxers.For collective orders please n onyxote on onyx the Shop home page!Timelessly elegan onyxt on onyxyx collier made of polished an onyxd partially en onyxgraved on onyxyx beads.Pearl size in onyx the course: About 8-12 mm-the 8 mm pearls have a smooth surface,Len onyxgth in onyxcludin onyxg closure: About 47.5 cm,The Collier is closed with a high-quality magn onyxetic closure.Please n onyxote:**!!! Magn onyxetic closures are n onyxot suitable for people with pacemakers!!! **!!! Please n onyxote the dimen onyxsion onyxs-low color deviation onyxs are possible as a result of differen onyxt screen onyx resolution onyxs!!!I assume the n onyxame of the material from my purchasin onyxg sources-I can onyxn onyxot give a guaran onyxtee, sin onyxce I am n onyxeither a jeweller n onyxor a min onyxeralogist.

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