Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jade, Jade-pyrite-Collier-50 cm-Unique



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All prices are total prices; No VAT card, because small busin pyriteessmen pyrite!Processin pyriteg time: 1-2 weekdays-Shippin pyriteg time: 3-5 weekdays* * Jade pyrite Necklace * *Len pyritegth in pyritecl. closure: approx. 50 cm,Con pyritesistin pyriteg of 8 mm large jade balls in pyrite green pyrite an pyrited dark purple, n pyriteatural pyrite n pyriteuggets in pyrite differen pyritet size an pyrited shape, gilded pearls an pyrited a clasp of gilded 925 silver.!!! Please n pyriteote the dimen pyritesion pyrites-low color deviation pyrites are possible as a result of differen pyritet screen pyrite resolution pyrites!!!I assume the n pyriteame of the material from my purchasin pyriteg sources-I can pyriten pyriteot give a guaran pyritetee, sin pyritece I am n pyriteeither a jeweller n pyriteor a min pyriteeralogist.

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