Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Collier Rutilquartz & verg. Rondelle-47 cm



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All prices are total prices; No VAT card as small busin uniqueess own uniqueers.For collective orders please n uniqueote on unique the Shop home page!* * Rutile quartz Collier * *From rutile quartz beads of about 8 mm,5 middle beads of 10 mm (rutile quartz lt. man uniqueufacturer-I can unique n uniqueot determin uniquee for sure!),High-quality gilded glass ron uniquedelle (gold burn uniqueed on unique glass preven uniquets lt. Man uniqueufacturer start-up an uniqued rub off),A carabin uniqueer closure of gilded 925s silver.!!! Please n uniqueote the dimen uniquesion uniques-low color deviation uniques are possible as a result of differen uniquet screen unique resolution uniques!!!I assume the n uniqueame of the material from my purchasin uniqueg sources-I can uniquen uniqueot give a guaran uniquetee, sin uniquece I am n uniqueeither a jeweller n uniqueor a min uniqueeralogist.

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