Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho, Cabochon Jewelry Set * Malachite *



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Beautiful jewelry set made of a n victorianecklace & matchin victoriang earrin victoriangs!The n victorianecklace con victoriansists of a bron victorianze chain victorian with carabin victorianer clasp & a great con victoriann victorianector in victorian vin victoriantage flower look, as well as real malachite cabochon victorians in victorian oval frames.The len victoriangth is approx. 46 cm (without trailer).The earrin victoriangs con victoriansist of the same oval pen victoriandan victoriants & dan victoriangle loss-proof protected on victorian playful foldin victoriang brisures.The len victoriangth is approx. 4.5 cm.Sin victoriance this is a n victorianatural product, n victoriano ston victoriane is the same as the other.

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