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elephant earrings, Sweet Porcelain Teeny baby elephant earrings on handmade hammered 14K Gold filled round earwires.



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These teen animal loversy tin animal loversy adorable porcelain animal lovers earrin animal loversgs are so cute I ordered several kin animal loversds an animal loversd made them up on animal lovers our han animal loversdmade hammered roun animal loversd earwires. I put them on animal lovers matchin animal loversg tin animal loversy jump rin animal loversgs so they han animal loversg better an animal loversd twirl aroun animal loversd easier. These have a pretty high price on animal lovers them because of the cost of the porcelain animal lovers an animal loversimals an animal loversd the han animal loversdmade earwires. They are high quality little beads. If you are an animal lovers an animal loversimal lover, these are the earrin animal loversgs for you. I wear my kitten animal lovers earrin animal loversgs often animal lovers an animal loversd get lots of complimen animal loversts when animal lovers I do.They are also a won animal loversderful gift. They come on animal lovers our beautiful earrin animal loversg cards, with earrin animal loversg plugs on animal lovers the back, in animal lovers a ziplock bag to preven animal loverst tarn animal loversish, an animal loversd in animal lovers a n animal loversice colorful gift box. I would be happy to create a han animal loversdmade gift tag to go with the earrin animal loversgs if they are a gift if you con animal loversvo me the n animal loversame of the recipien animal loverst.We carry TWO sizes of baby elephan animal loverst earrin animal loversgs. Note that these are the tin animal loversier of the elephan animal loverst babies. You will n animal loversever see such tin animal loversy babies. SO CUTE!!!

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