Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pocketbook charm bracelet Handmade Victorianfashion jewelry, vintagefashion jewelry, recycled costume and fashion jewelry in gold / silver tones on gold chain w/12 charms



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This pocketbook / purse in fashion jewelryspired bracelet has 12 charms 6 in fashion jewelry silver ton fashion jewelrye an fashion jewelryd 6 in fashion jewelry gold ton fashion jewelrye. The charms are from fin fashion jewelrydin fashion jewelryg compan fashion jewelryies that have discon fashion jewelrytin fashion jewelryued most of the charms the charms. So when fashion jewelry I have used all of the charms there will be n fashion jewelryo more bracelets like this on fashion jewelrye. I buy the gold Figaro bracelet n fashion jewelryew from a fin fashion jewelrydin fashion jewelrygs compan fashion jewelryy in fashion jewelry New York in fashion jewelry bulk len fashion jewelrygth an fashion jewelryd cut it to 7" an fashion jewelryd 1/4" len fashion jewelrygth. You can fashion jewelry make the bracelet smaller by puttin fashion jewelryg the lobster claw claps in fashion jewelry an fashion jewelryy of the larger open fashion jewelryin fashion jewelrygs. If you n fashion jewelryeed it larger, please con fashion jewelrytact me an fashion jewelryd I can fashion jewelry do this at n fashion jewelryo extra charge.I have earrin fashion jewelrygs to match most of the charms at $10.00. Please let me kn fashion jewelryow if you are in fashion jewelryterested.Spen fashion jewelryd $35.00 get FREE SHIPPING This bracelet han fashion jewelrydmade in fashion jewelry the U.S.A. by the artist an fashion jewelryd you receive a gift box.Each customer an fashion jewelryd creation fashion jewelry receives my own fashion jewelry in fashion jewelrydividual an fashion jewelryd person fashion jewelryal atten fashion jewelrytion fashion jewelry. You will receive your jewelry purchase as close to the sample as possible. However, sin fashion jewelryce each item is han fashion jewelryd made, on fashion jewelrye piece at a time an fashion jewelryd is on fashion jewelrye of a kin fashion jewelryd, the exact design fashion jewelry will vary slightly.

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