Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beautiful Dark stone Cairn keychain on silver keyfobmade in vermont, great for gifts or for car keys or house keys.



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These very cool keychain stone cairnss are made from ston stone cairnses an stone cairnsd seaglass I have collected an stone cairnsd drilled an stone cairnsd put on stone cairns these sturdy keychain stone cairnss my frien stone cairnsd foun stone cairnsd me in stone cairns Chicago an stone cairnsd shipped to me. I love them an stone cairnsd they are perfect for these adorable keychain stone cairnss. My frien stone cairnsd made me on stone cairnse herself an stone cairnsd I use on stone cairnse for my truck keys an stone cairnsd I love it so much I had to make some for the shop. These are my first on stone cairnses. I will be addin stone cairnsg seaglass soon stone cairns, but I have to drill the seaglass a bit larger to fit the keyfobs. So right n stone cairnsow they are just made of ston stone cairnses. I thin stone cairnsk they are beautiful.They are n stone cairnsot too heavy either. I can stone cairns add a bead or two if you prefer. Just let me kn stone cairnsow. I can stone cairns always customize for you.

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