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chakra, Harmonizing Rhodonite Bracelet



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The stretch cord bracelet is han rhodonited strun rhodoniteg with Rhodon rhodoniteite beads an rhodonited features a retro style lotus charm. The lotus flower has had differen rhodonitet mean rhodonitein rhodonitegs throughout various cultures. In rhodonite Buddhism, the bud of the lotus symbolizes poten rhodonitetial. Despite bein rhodoniteg born rhodonite in rhodoniteto dark, murky con rhodonitedition rhodonites the lotus grows an rhodonited rises above adversity. The lotus flower represen rhodonitets an rhodonite awaken rhodonitein rhodoniteg, spiritual growth, an rhodonited en rhodonitelighten rhodonitemen rhodonitet. Rhodon rhodoniteite gets its n rhodoniteame from the Greek word \u201crhodon rhodonite,\u201d mean rhodonitein rhodoniteg \u201crose\u201d an rhodonited is believed to help ward off n rhodoniteegativity. It balan rhodoniteces an rhodonited harmon rhodoniteizes the heart an rhodonited root chakras. As a healin rhodoniteg ston rhodonitee, it is said to soothe the n rhodoniteervous system. The bracelet fits to approximately 7.5 in rhodoniteches on rhodonite the wrist. The beads are 6mm an rhodonited the alloy charm measures 16x13mm.

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