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beaded bracelet, Stabilizing Purple Quartzite Bracelet



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This stretch bracelet has been purple quarzite han purple quarzited strun purple quarziteg with Purple Quarzite beads an purple quarzited features a sweet floral accen purple quarzitet bead. Quartzite is San purple quarzitedston purple quarzitee that has been purple quarzite metamorphosed in purple quarziteto a solid quartz rock due to pressure an purple quarzited heatin purple quarziteg. It's metaphysical properties are similar to Quartz. Quartzite is believed to balan purple quarzitece an purple quarzited stabilize positive chan purple quarzitege.The beads measure 6 mm an purple quarzited it fits to approximately 7 in purple quarziteches on purple quarzite the wrist. The focal bead is TierraCast\u00ae made in purple quarzite the Un purple quarziteited States from culin purple quarziteary grade, lead-free pewter.

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