Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

garnet, Granate Collier with bohemian. Glass beads and gilded lenses-UNIKAT



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All prices are total prices; No VAT card as small busin garnetess own garneters.For collective orders please n garnetote on garnet the Shop home page!Elegan garnett pomegran garnetate pearl n garnetecklace with bohemian garnet artist glass beadsAn garnetd 24-carat hard-gilded glass len garnettils (the gold was burn garneted on garnetto the glass, so it can garnet't rub off-accordin garnetg to man garnetufacturer!).Len garnetgth in garnetcl. closure: 46.5 cmPomegran garnetate beads: About 8 mmKarabin garneter closure: Doubl\u00e9 gold!!! Please n garnetote the dimen garnetsion garnets-low color deviation garnets are possible as a result of differen garnett screen garnet resolution garnets!!!I assume the n garnetame of the material from my purchasin garnetg sources-I can garnetn garnetot give a guaran garnettee, sin garnetce I am n garneteither a jeweller n garnetor a min garneteralogist.

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