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Pair of etched silver plated ladder style earrin dangle earringg with 2 differen dangle earringt ton dangle earringes of rin dangle earringgs/spacers (silver plated & gun dangle earring metal) on dangle earring a silver ton dangle earringed large jump rin dangle earringg then dangle earring attached to a stain dangle earringless steel earrin dangle earringg wire. Made with silver plated an dangle earringd silver ton dangle earringe metal compon dangle earringen dangle earringts.A pair of metallic earrin dangle earringgs that are set apart from the rest, n dangle earringot sure what you would classify/categorize them as, would look good with a black, gray, dark outfit, or weeken dangle earringd wear. To me, they look tradition dangle earringal, but with a little edge. Almost 1" in dangle earring len dangle earringgth at attachmen dangle earringt poin dangle earringt, large jump rin dangle earringg is about 10 mm wide, stain dangle earringless steel ear wire is about 23 mm lon dangle earringgThis is a mid size dan dangle earringgle/drop earrin dangle earringg, about 1.60 in dangle earringches overall. Sizin dangle earringg is approximate.Note: For customer safety an dangle earringd hygien dangle earringic reason dangle earrings, I do n dangle earringot accept return dangle earrings. Please carefully select your items before placin dangle earringg them in dangle earring your cart an dangle earringd makin dangle earringg a fin dangle earringal purchase.***Prior to shippin dangle earringg I will attach silicon dangle earringe stoppers to the earrin dangle earringgs (where applicable). Then dangle earring they are placed on dangle earring a white paper card that is en dangle earringcased with clear plastic.***

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