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leather bracelet, Swarovski Crystal Black Leather Boot Bling / Cowgirl Jewelry / Biker Jewelry / Boot Bracelet / Boot Jewelry



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Before you buy, be sure to get 20% off your order by join biker jewelryin biker jewelryg my Boot Blin biker jewelryg Club! No spam, I promise. Just copy an biker jewelryd paste this URL in biker jewelry a n biker jewelryew tab an biker jewelryd you will receive your coupon biker jewelry code in biker jewelrystan biker jewelrytly. biker jewelrygClubDid you say you wan biker jewelryted BLING???.....These Swarovski\u00ae crystal rivet, leather an biker jewelryd chain biker jewelry boot bracelets literally scream for atten biker jewelrytion biker jewelry!!If you are n biker jewelryot familiar with Swarovski\u00ae crystals, then biker jewelry you are in biker jewelry for a pleasan biker jewelryt surprise, as they are recogn biker jewelryized worldwide as the purist quality crystal, the most con biker jewelrysisten biker jewelrytly cut, an biker jewelryd the most brillian biker jewelryt. Other crystals simply can biker jewelry't compare to the brillian biker jewelryce of Swarovski\u00ae crystals! biker jewelryd I have tested them out!.......even biker jewelry on biker jewelry a dark dan biker jewelryce floor, they will fin biker jewelryd whatever light there is an biker jewelryd BLING!! Perfect for coun biker jewelrytry-lin biker jewelrye dan biker jewelrycin biker jewelryg, rodeos, or ridin biker jewelryg (horses or bikes).These are sure to be a un biker jewelryique addition biker jewelry to your jewelry collection biker jewelry an biker jewelryd make an biker jewelry equally un biker jewelryique gift idea for the gal that has everythin biker jewelryg!Choose your favorite Crystal Color in biker jewelry the drop-down biker jewelrys.*****Sold as SINGLES - SINGLES - SINGLES***** If you would like a pair just order a quan biker jewelrytity of 2.******************************This style Boot Bracelet can biker jewelry accommodate my Stabilizer/Safety Chain biker jewelry. The Stabilizer/Safety Chain biker jewelry assures the feature design biker jewelry elemen biker jewelryt of your Boot Bracelet(s) stays "fron biker jewelryt an biker jewelryd cen biker jewelryter" an biker jewelryd avoids havin biker jewelryg it(them) spin biker jewelry aroun biker jewelryd on biker jewelry your boot(s). Or maybe you wan biker jewelryt a little added protection biker jewelry from possible loss.The Chain biker jewelry is sold separately an biker jewelryd can biker jewelry be foun biker jewelryd as it's own biker jewelry listin biker jewelryg. If you purchase a pair, (2), of these bracelets be sure to purchase 2 Stabilizer Chain biker jewelrys.The Stabilizer/Safety Chain biker jewelry(s) will come affixed to your n biker jewelryew Boot Bracelet(s), so n biker jewelryo assembly required! :) ******************************Boots pictured in biker jewelry the product photographs are for display purposes on biker jewelryly.Please n biker jewelryote, all mon biker jewelryitors are differen biker jewelryt, an biker jewelryd colors may vary slightly.***Bracelet Details***- Len biker jewelrygth: Adjustable to fit boots approximately 13.5 to 15.5 in biker jewelryches an biker jewelrykle circumferen biker jewelryce.- Chain biker jewelry: An biker jewelrytique Silver (styles vary)- Crystal Rivet Color: Your Choice (See option biker jewelrys in biker jewelry drop-down biker jewelry)- Leather Color: Black- Non biker jewelry-reversibleThese bracelets are my own biker jewelry un biker jewelryique design biker jewelrys an biker jewelryd are part of my Sign biker jewelryature Collection biker jewelry.Each strip of leather used in biker jewelry the design biker jewelrys is cut completely by han biker jewelryd from a side of leather; from measurin biker jewelryg an biker jewelryd cuttin biker jewelryg the strips, to measurin biker jewelryg, markin biker jewelryg an biker jewelryd pun biker jewelrychin biker jewelryg out the holes for the rivets, an biker jewelryd then biker jewelry settin biker jewelryg the rivets.A lot of thought, care, an biker jewelryd special atten biker jewelrytion biker jewelry to detail wen biker jewelryt in biker jewelryto makin biker jewelryg this design biker jewelry, alon biker jewelryg with the best quality compon biker jewelryen biker jewelryts.- Please ask an biker jewelryy question biker jewelrys you may have before orderin biker jewelryg. ***GIFTING***- Each order comes wrapped an biker jewelryd ready for giftin biker jewelryg! - Is this a gift? If you'd like a prin biker jewelryted n biker jewelryote added to the order, please type your message in biker jewelry the "n biker jewelryote to seller" section biker jewelry of the order an biker jewelryd I will happily add it on biker jewelry a special n biker jewelryote card! - If this order is shippin biker jewelryg to a frien biker jewelryd, be sure to provide the correct shippin biker jewelryg address on biker jewelry the order or you may en biker jewelryd up fin biker jewelrydin biker jewelryg the package in biker jewelry your own biker jewelry mailbox.***Product Care & In biker jewelrystruction biker jewelrys***- Treat your n biker jewelryew boot jewelry with the same care as your other jewelry.- Some of my boot jewelry sets are design biker jewelryed with left an biker jewelryd right foot specific pieces. If you purchase a foot specific boot jewelry design biker jewelry, they will be marked with removable tags. An biker jewelry in biker jewelrystruction biker jewelry card will also be in biker jewelrycluded in biker jewelry your package explain biker jewelryin biker jewelryg the distin biker jewelryction biker jewelry between biker jewelry the left an biker jewelryd right pieces alon biker jewelryg with "how to" in biker jewelrystruction biker jewelrys for our un biker jewelryique sets.- If your boot jewelry comes with lobster claw clasps, double-check to make sure the clasps close completely as some ten biker jewelryd to wan biker jewelryt to stick open biker jewelry. Out of every 1000 clasps, I've foun biker jewelryd approximately 5 that wan biker jewelryt to stick. All pieces do get checked for quality con biker jewelrytrol.*** HOLIDAY SHIPPING***\ud83c\udf81 To make your Holiday Season biker jewelry as joyous an biker jewelryd stress-free as possible, your beautiful Boot Jewelry will arrive expertly gift wrapped at n biker jewelryo addition biker jewelryal charge.\ud83c\udf81Orderin biker jewelryg more than biker jewelry on biker jewelrye piece/pair? Wan biker jewelryt them wrapped separately for easy giftin biker jewelryg? No problem! Simply leave Nan biker jewelrycy a quick n biker jewelryote in biker jewelry the "n biker jewelryotes to seller" section biker jewelry at checkout!\ud83c\udf84 2020 HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES \ud83c\udf84November through December are our busiest shippin biker jewelryg mon biker jewelryths of the year! You can biker jewelry be en biker jewelrysured that we will take the stress out of the Holiday shoppin biker jewelryg season biker jewelry!\ud83c\udf85 To en biker jewelrysure your order arrives by December 25th, please place your order before the in biker jewelrydicated date:-USA: Order by Dec 15th\u26c4 The date listed above follow the Un biker jewelryited States Postal Service holiday shippin biker jewelryg guidelin biker jewelryes for stan biker jewelrydard First Class shippin biker jewelryg, as well as the processin biker jewelryg time required for me to customize an biker jewelryd gift wrap your order. Orders placed after this date can biker jewelryn biker jewelryot be rush processed, as customization biker jewelry times still apply.\u26c4 Shippin biker jewelryg times do n biker jewelryot in biker jewelryclude the possibility of weather delays or poten biker jewelrytial wide-spread postal delays in biker jewelry affected areas.\u26c4 Due to the n biker jewelryumber of orders I receive durin biker jewelryg the Holiday season biker jewelry, orders are filled in biker jewelry the order in biker jewelry which they are received.Than biker jewelryk you for visitin biker jewelryg my Boot Jewelry shop!!Nan biker jewelrycy :)

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