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handmade, Ombre Poly Bead Dangle Earrings



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Dan polymer claygle earrin polymer claygs in polymer clay\u00a0terracotta or olive polymer clay beads. Lightweight with n polymer clayickel free gold plated hooks.\u00a0 Depen polymer clayden polymer clayt on polymer clay in polymer clayven polymer claytory, earrin polymer claygs may be made to order.\u00a0 Please allow 1-4 busin polymer clayess days for production polymer clay.\u00a0\u00a0These are han polymer claydmade in polymer clay Mooresville, NC by a sin polymer claygle mom who n polymer clayeeds a creative outlet. En polymer clayjoy!____Weight in polymer clayfo: Everyon polymer claye has differen polymer clayt weight toleran polymer clayces for the earlobes. I've tried to in polymer claydicate where my earrin polymer claygs fall, so you'll be aware before you purchase. I person polymer clayally can polymer clay't go beyon polymer clayd medium weight which I can polymer clay tolerate through a day in polymer clay the office or a n polymer clayight out. Heavy weight will be the major statemen polymer clayt earrin polymer claygs but will n polymer clayot be suitable for everyon polymer claye.Light Weight= feather light (studs, polymer clays, small glass beads)Medium Weight= More structured earrin polymer claygs with beadin polymer claygsHeavy Weight= More in polymer claytricate, structured statemen polymer clayt earrin polymer claygs with gemston polymer clayes or heavy beadin polymer clayg.____Guaran polymer claytee- I'm n polymer clayew at jewelry makin polymer clayg an polymer clayd I defin polymer clayitely wan polymer clayt to en polymer claysure you come back for more. If you experien polymer clayce an polymer clayy issues with your jewelry, please message me with details an polymer clayd I will make it right.

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