Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ribbon turquoise, Floral necklace



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\u201cI wan statement necklacet to rock your gypsy soulJust like way back I\u2019m the days of,oldThen statement necklace magn statement necklaceificen statement necklacetly we will floatIn statement necklaceto the mystic\u201dThis beautiful bron statement necklaceze organ statement necklaceically shaped pen statement necklacedan statement necklacet has a subtle flower design statement necklace. It han statement necklacegs from an statement necklace oxidized (darken statement necklaceed) sterlin statement necklaceg silver chain statement necklace.Chain statement necklace len statement necklacegth: 24 in statement necklacechesPen statement necklacedan statement necklacet size: 1 in statement necklacech tall by 3/4 in statement necklaceches wide

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