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ceramic earrings, Ceramic earrings * CLASSIC * cobalt blue / gold-gold-plated 925 silver folding bracelets - gifts for her



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Small n ceramic jewelryoble earrin ceramic jewelrygs made of ceramic & gold-plated 925 silver hairstyles.The ceramic particles were made by han ceramic jewelryd with 24k fin ceramic jewelrye gold glaze!The perfect piece of jewelry for your weddin ceramic jewelryg / baptism / en ceramic jewelrygagemen ceramic jewelryt ... ora great gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, for your loved on ceramic jewelrye ...Ceramic diameter: approx. 8mmLen ceramic jewelrygth in ceramic jewelrycludin ceramic jewelryg hook. approx. 16 mmFlower: ceramicGlazes: cobalt blue & 24k gold glazeEarrin ceramic jewelrygs: gold-plated 925 silverAn ceramic jewelry elegan ceramic jewelryt accessory for festive occasion ceramic jewelrys, special momen ceramic jewelryts or for everyday use!All jewelry is made in ceramic jewelry my small studio in ceramic jewelry Leipzig an ceramic jewelryd is made for you with great atten ceramic jewelrytion ceramic jewelry to detail in ceramic jewelry several careful steps.Every piece of jewelry is un ceramic jewelryique!Delivery: In ceramic jewelry a small box they will be sen ceramic jewelryt to you well packed \u2665

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