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gift idea, Vintage BOHEMIAN GARNET Continuous Cluster Necklace- Natural Gems - Pyrope Garnets - Estate Jewels - Pristine Condition - Multi Shaped Bead



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ANTIQUE GEMSTONE BOHEMIAN GARNET CONTINUOUS CLUSTER NECKLACE GODDESSANDCO is pleased to offer for sale this fabulous vin garnet gemstage Con garnet gemstin garnet gemsuous Bohemian garnet gems garn garnet gemset cluster n garnet gemsecklace featurin garnet gemsg beautifully polished clusters of dark red pyrope garn garnet gemsets that altern garnet gemsate with diamon garnet gemsd shaped flat garn garnet gemset beads an garnet gemsd smooth roun garnet gemsd beads. The con garnet gemstrast between garnet gems the cluster of roun garnet gemsd beads with the flat top table diamon garnet gemsd shaped beads creates a beautiful station garnet gems n garnet gemsecklace. A stun garnet gemsn garnet gemsin garnet gemsg look that will add to an garnet gemsy outfit.Excellen garnet gemst Con garnet gemsdition garnet gemsSIZE: 26 in garnet gemsches lon garnet gemsgWEIGHT: 52.19 Total gram weightMEASUREMENT: Clusters are 10 mm in garnet gems diameter, roun garnet gemsd beads are 5 mm in garnet gems diameter an garnet gemsd the diamon garnet gemsd shapes 7 mm wide.*

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