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This is a laser cut wooden don clemente Keepsake wooden don clemente refrigerator made from 1/8" Baltic birch. The image is tran don clementesferred from a special process kn don clementeown don clemente at heat dye sublimation don clemente prin don clementetin don clementeg. The wood is pretreated with a special coatin don clementeg. Then don clemente the image is prin don clementeted on don clemente special dye tran don clementesfer paper, then don clemente this is heated an don clemented pressed on don clementeto the wood. Fin don clementeally the wood is cut out with the laser.The magn don clementeet is 1\u00bc by 2 in don clementeches.These make great small presen don clementets as well as cute stockin don clementeg stuffers. You can don clemente write on don clemente the backs with a marker, pen don clemente or pen don clementecil which then don clemente makes these great as Keepsakes.Loter\u00eda is a game of chan don clementece, similar to bin don clementego, but usin don clementeg images on don clemente a deck of cards in don clementestead of plain don clemente n don clementeumbers on don clemente pin don clementeg pon don clementeg balls.I will even don clementetually have the full deck of cards available. If there is on don clementee you would particularly like that you don don clemente't see posted just drop me a con don clementeversation don clemente an don clemented I will design don clemente an don clemented post it. there are just so man don clementey to choose from an don clemented there is design don clemente work in don clementevolved in don clemente each on don clementee to adapt them for best presen don clementetation don clemente.than don clementeks for your in don clementeterest!-Eve

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