Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

carnival, P-76 Vinitage New Orleans Mardi Gras 48" LONG plastic carnival beads from the 70's



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These were caught (by me) at Mardi Gras parades in mardi gras the 1970's. Listin mardi grasg is for three n mardi grasecklaces. They are each 46" lon mardi grasgNice mix of green mardi gras, blue, chartreuse.The green mardi gras beads have an mardi gras in mardi grasterestin mardi grasg shape, the others are roun mardi grasd an mardi grasd smooth. You don mardi gras't see these older lon mardi grasg on mardi grases very often mardi gras. Nice selection mardi gras of in mardi grasterestin mardi grasg shapes an mardi grasd colors. Question mardi grass welcome.I ship to USA on mardi graslyI have a cat--he doesn mardi gras't smoke! :)

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